We support clients in med-tech, machine and equipment OEM's, pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and industry to realise substantial integral total cost of ownership savings through our integrated supply solutions. We are able to meet your specific demands and challenges managing the complete MRO supply or BOM tail supply chain thanks to our experience and deep understanding of these markets.

MAG45's experienced professionals have a deep understanding of MRO challenges within the medical technology industry. Quality, compliance and technical support are key success factors of our customers' processes.




We offer solutions to support our customers in the machine & equipment industry throughout the stages of the production lifecycle: from Research & Development to production and after sales services. Our solutions increase part availability near the point of use, and removing unneeded workload from the material handling, engineering and production employees.

Our employees understand your requirements, compliance challenges and strict product specifications due to our experience and deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. We support clients by taking care of the MRO supply and processes to your specifications and strict validation procedures for resourcing and standardisation initiatives.



Spare part management is one of the key success factors for efficiently running high volume production machines. If the parts supply and storeroom is not managed according to best-in-class standards, it is time to call MAG45. 

We support our industrial customers through best-in-class and industry leading solutions. By managing the supply chain, MAG45 makes sure that engineers don't spend unnecessary time searching for parts and kitting. By using advanced digital tooling, we help to determine the criticality of parts and make sure that storerooms are optimised.

Fast moving consumer goods organisations often tend to struggle with unregistered supplies, a lack of insight in the availability and criticality of parts. As a result, engineers have to spend too much time on ordering parts and searching for items in storerooms. MAG45 manages the complete supply chain, so engineers can use their time more efficiently.


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