Our growing portfolio of, often, multi-national clients is focused on high-tech machine building, medical technology, pharmaceutical, Industry and FMCG sectors. Thanks to our experience, focus and deep understanding of these markets, we are able to meet the specific demands and challenges faced by leading companies in these sectors, by managing the complete MRO supply or Bill of Materials tail spend.

High-tech machinery

Material availability is critical when assembling, installing, upgrading or maintaining high tech equipment. The costs of not having the materials available can be significant. Our solutions increase material availability and reduce operational workload, material handling and walking time for engineers and production employees.

Medical technology

Within the Med Tech industry, quality, sustainability, compliance and technical support are key success factors. MAG45’s experienced professionals working in this sector, add value by having a deep understanding of vendor risk management and the ability to make processes more efficient.


The pharmaceutical industry faces the challenge of strict product specifications. MRO supply and related processes are bound by both specifications and strict validation procedures for standardisation initiatives. MAG45 understands these compliance requirements and challenges due to extensive experience and deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.


FMCG organisations often tend to struggle with unregistered supplies and a lack of insight in to the availability and criticality of parts. As a result, engineers spend too much time on ordering parts and searching for items in storerooms. MAG45 is able to manage the complete supply chain, so engineers can use time more efficiently for core business activities.


Spare part management is one of the key success factors for efficiently running high volume production machines. We support our industrial customers through integrated supply chain solutions. When managing the supply chain, MAG45 ensures your engineers do not spend unnecessary time searching for parts. By using advanced digital tooling, we help determine the criticality of parts, making sure that storerooms are optimised and that parts are available at the right place at the right time.

MAG45 works closely with key international businesses around the world, including:
ASML (semiconductor equipment)
Stryker (medical products)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (microscopy equipment & pharma services)
Johnson & Johnson (healthcare products)
Philips Healthcare (medical equipment)
Signify (lighting products)
Vanderlande (logistics systems)

Our solutions

MAG45 has extensive experience in the optimisation of sourcing, logistics and processes in order to provide best-in-class integrated supply solutions.