MAG45 has extensive experience in the optimisation of sourcing, logistics and processes in order to provide best-in-class integrated supply solutions.

With Integrated Supply it is our aim to create a single, holistic approach towards Maintenance, Repair and Operations supply and Bill of Materials tail spend. This reduces Total Cost of Ownership and increases manufacturing efficiency. Stakeholders have a single point of contact and a uniform global way-of-working. All resulting in a standardised and performance oriented operations.

MRO supply solutions

Looking for visibility, availability and reliability in your MRO management to ensure production uptime? Discover the variety of our MRO supply solutions to empower your Maintenance Strategy.



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BOM tail solutions

Want to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and ensure a uniform way-of-working across your global supply chain? Check out our BOM tail spend solutions, developed to increase the value of your business.

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MAG45 focuses on three areas within Integrated Supply: Sourcing, Logistics, and Processes. The alignment and integration of these areas strengthen business strategies and ensure accomplishing set KPI's.


Typical sourcing challenges include a fragmented supply base, part availability/compatibility issues, the updating of part and catalogue data, the need for continuous cost reductions, arranging technical engineering support and the standardisation of parts and brands. This all can result in a high transactional workload.

MAG45 is a full-service supply chain partner, supporting our customers by taking care of these sourcing challenges. This results in a consolidated supply base, cost reduction, technical engineering support and active vendor risk management.

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Managing inventory is a trade-off between item availability, inventory costs and supply risk management. After all, maximum production up time demands high availability of parts. On the other hand, higher stock levels tie up cash flow and increase the supply risk of items becoming obsolete. MAG45 provides a full range of logistic services to optimise inventory levels and increase inventory availability at optimal costs.



MRO supply and BOM tail procure-to-pay processes can be complex and inefficient. Often, they can create, extra "hidden" workload throughout your organisation, pulling focus from your core business. Typically, MRO supply and BOM tail spend items represent only 5-10% of a site's procurement spending, but require up to 60-70% of the transactional workload, inevitably leading to higher than necessary, hidden costs, for your organisation.

Using lean manufacturing and 5S principles, we simplify processes to reduce workload and waste in the organisation. Our solutions pay off quickly – and they grow, evolve and adapt as your business develops over time.