We believe that an optimal supply chain should be in reach for every manufacturer. Our tailored solutions supported by personal on-site support enables you to focus on your core business while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Through our extensive experience in optimising the areas of sourcing, logistics and processes we provide best-in-class integrated supply solutions.


MAG45 is a full service supply chain partner. We support our customers with their challenges in managing MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) and BOM tail (Bill of Material) parts, taking care of sourcing challenges such as:

  • Fragmented supply base leading to a high transactional workload
  • Availability and compatibility of parts
  • Up-to-date part and catalogue data
  • Need for continuous cost reduction
  • Arranging technical engineering support
  • Standardisation of parts and brands

Our sourcing services are based on nine guarantees for our customers:


One-stop-shop (brand independent)

MAG45 has a unique position in integrated supply as the one-stop-shop for our customers. We are brand independent and arrange our supply base to your needs. more >

Effective supply base management

We have a proven track record in effectively managing the supply base, engaging with suppliers to ensure performance and value add. more >

Standardisation (across sites)

Using a holistic approach and strict validation procedures, MAG45 is able to leverage and standardise parts across our customers sites.  more >

Resourcing and re-engineering parts to alternative / substitute brands

MAG45 will proactively propose alternative and substitute products as part of our continuous improvement program for our customers. more >

Global sourcing, local availability

Our global partners combined with a local supply base ensures that we are cost effective when possible and time-sensitive when needed. more >

Product lifecycle management

MAG45 continuously reviews item availability in collaboration with our supply base. This enables us to pro-actively search for end of life alternatives and a seamless transition. more >

Data cleaning and maintenance

We believe in transparency in long-term partnerships, meaning we actively update and clean item data and share/update the latest information in your system as well as ours. more >

Technical support

Access to technical support from your supply base is often key for your maintenance and engineering departments. We carefully setup a technical support model based on your needs and involve our supply base in for example supplier days to share innovations. more >

Contracted item pricing

MAG45 fixes item prices and after validation uploads these to the customer system as well as ours. This way of working ensures an efficient ordering and invoicing process. more >



MRO supply and BOM tail procure to pay processes can be complex and inefficient. Often we see hidden workload throughout the organization, distracting from your core business. Typically, such MRO supply and BOM tail items are only 5-10% of a site’s procurement expenditure, but up to 60-70% of the transactional workload leading to high hidden costs in the organization.

Our goal is to simplify the processes using lean and 5S principles, and reduce workload and waste in the organization. We offer the following process solutions to reduce your process complexity:


Kanban stock at hand

The setup is tailored to the end-users needs and is simple in use. MAG45 can supply the goods up to the point of use including for example item cleaning services. Applying barcoding and RFID, the solution optimizes the physical and administrative handling of low value, fast moving parts. more >

Vending machines

Ensuring item availability for users outside of standard warehouse opening hours, close to the point of use. Usage registration by the user is required before goods are issued. more >

Quotation desk

Finding the right product, with the desired lead time, and the best price using the MAG45 (dedicated) quotation desk as your one-stop-shop. more >

Storeroom management

Employees typically face several challenges when using storerooms - that is, without best-in-class storeroom management according to 5S and lean principles. more >


MAG45 can take care of the items your engineers need for planned maintenance, production, machine installation or upgrades, and supply these in a kit according to your specifications. more >


Our E-solutions provide support to our customers throughout the procure to pay process using for example our E-Commerce portal, catalogue Punch-Outs and electronic ordering, confirmations and invoicing. more >

Mobile applications

Engineers require 24/7 access to item and inventory information on every device, instead of needing to walk to a storeroom or PC to look up information and place requisitions or orders. more >

Continuous improvement

The world changes and often so does your company, for example productions lines change or relocate. We continuously add value through close collaboration with the site and by pro-actively optimizing our solutions to your changing needs. more >



When it comes to stock level optimisation, there is a trade-off between item availability, inventory costs and supply risks. After all, a maximum production up-time demands for a high availability of parts. On the other hand, higher stock levels ties up cash flow and increases the risk that items run obsolete.

MAG45 provides a full range of logistics services to support our customers optimizing their inventory levels. Our promise to our customers is to increase inventory availability at optimal costs. We deliver this promise through six service offerings:


Stocking location management

Storing the materials in the right location is key to prevent walking times – which is time wasted by end-users that is often underestimated. more >

Stock level management

Stock and reorder settings are often based on a gut feeling and personal experience. Our Logistical Engineers use sophisticated models to determine the optimal stock levels. more >

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

MAG45 can fully manage the replenishment ordering of stock controlled items, processing supplier confirmations and ensuring a timely delivery. more >

Consignment stock

Vendor Managed Owned Inventory (VMOI) solutions can be installed where we take full management and ownership of fast-moving stock at our customers' premises. more >

Supply chain management

We can manage and coordinate the supply chain of long lead time, and quality sensitive components to ensure item availability throughout your supply base and subcontractors. more >

Selling obsolete stock

Obsolete stock ties up working capital and takes up space in your warehouses. We can setup an obsolescence sell-off program to capitalize the inventory and clean-up the stores. more >

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