Our history

From small beginnings as an in-house department within Philips (Netherlands), to becoming a globally recognised leader in integrated supply and now part of the Danish Solar Group.

A story of growth

MAG45 was founded in 1948, and operated as an internal MRO supply, warehousing and logistics specialist for the Dutch manufacturing giant Philips. The company was acquired by a private equity firm in 2004 and has since expanded rapidly, organically and through acquisition, championing Integrated Supply with an inquisitive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2016 MAG45 has been part of the $2.08 billion, 3,000 employee, Danish-listed sourcing and services company Solar Group.

In 2017 we joined forces with the Italian company Savone, and in 2023 we celebrated our 75th anniversary.

MAG45 company timeline: from an in-house Philips warehouse to a leader in integrated supply solutions as part of the Solar Group

In shape for tomorrow

These days, we’re investing heavily in our people, so we can develop ever-more innovative approaches and implement them in ever-shorter timescales. We’re ensuring our warehousing, distribution and customer operations have the automation and other tools they need to ensure perfect execution, today and in the future.

And in partnership with customers and third-party vendors, we’re also developing the integrated supply tools of tomorrow. Some of these will be web-based, e-commerce and mobile applications, and some may be creative but economical uses for RFID. Looking ahead, other developments regarding the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and the use of advanced analytics to exploit Big Data will all have an impact in our field — and sooner than many people think. At MAG45 we’re therefore determined to maintain our leader’s role as the industry reference, and to take the concept of integrated supply to new levels.