MAG45 认为,每家制造商都应该获取最佳供应链服务,使他们能够专注于自己的核心业务。我们丰富的经验和强大的变革管理技能使我们能够实施一流的精益解决方案,从而降低客户在采购、物流和流程领域的总体拥有成本。

26 六月 2018

Meet Alice!

Alice is always looking at the whole picture as Purchasing manager with MAG45 China. Satisfied customers, happy suppliers and of course profitable projects for her employer.

01 六月 2018

New office MAG45 England

We have a new office for our British and Irish business in Warrington, England. We have chosen this location to be closer to our customers.

25 五月 2018

High Tech Discovery Route

On June 9th, you can find us at the High Tech Discovery Route on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. This event is part of the Dutch Technology Week.

18 四月 2018

What? Integrated Supply?

These days we see a growing trend towards ‘Integrated Supply’ in the industrial sector. But what is it actually? Why is it necessary? Find out in this White Paper.