MAG45 认为,每家制造商都应该获取最佳供应链服务,使他们能够专注于自己的核心业务。我们丰富的经验和强大的变革管理技能使我们能够实施一流的精益解决方案,从而降低客户在采购、物流和流程领域的总体拥有成本。

13 十二月 2018

Meet Marianne!

Marianne goes for that extra mile and is not afraid to try new things to solve the challenges she faces.

27 十一月 2018

Working together for value creation

In this blog, our CCO Victor Roos, explains how to create value in the supply chain by working together.

02 十一月 2018

Successful Round Table Event on Integrated Supply

We have held our first-ever Round Table Event for and by Supply chain Professionals.

01 十一月 2018

Establishment MAG45 Italy

A year ago, we joined forces with the Italian Savone and MAG45 Italy was established. Read how MAG45 Italy is transforming into a true integrated supply solution provider.