About us

Our strong track record makes us a leader in integrated supply and highlights our capabilities and extensive experience in the industries we serve. We provide premium integrated supply solutions for BOM tail and MRO supply that optimize your business in three key areas: sourcing, logistics and processes.

Our business

Integrated supply: the ‘what and why’

Hundreds of suppliers, thousands of orders, millions of parts. So how do you guarantee everything is delivered ‘On time in full’ (OTIF), with complete efficiency, and at the lowest possible cost? Meet MAG45, the reference in Integrated Supply Solutions.

As experts in supply consolidation, we significantly reduce your administrative burden by providing a single source and a single invoice. With our value-added services like kitting and vendor managed inventory (VMI), we help optimize your logistics and your processes.

In short, integrated supply cuts TCO and boosts productivity!

Maximize production uptime
In essence, Integrated Supply is a service that maximizes production uptime by ensuring the ready availability (‘Stock at Hand’) of both production materials (BOM tail or C-parts) and operational items (MRO). In short: guaranteeing that everything is available in the right quantity (and quality), at the right place at the right time. That increases earnings capacity and impacts positively on your bottom line, while bringing order to your processes and transparency for your managers.

Integrated Supply addresses your total operation: Sourcing (procurement), Logistics, and Processes. MAG45 is the specialist in this field and takes on the entire management process, offloading your personnel and helping you improve on business KPIs.

By providing best-in-class integrated supply solutions, we optimize your sourcing, logistics and processes.