High tech means high quality

High tech equipment is usually of very high value, so delays are not acceptable in delivery, installation and commissioning of new machines. This is particularly true since ‘vertical start-up’ became the norm, where new production lines must be up and running at full capacity from day one. Achieving such a fast ramp up requires guaranteed availability of quality-checked components and materials – including custom-made parts.

High value, high tech machinery needs guaranteed availability of quality-checked components and materials to be up and running at full capacity from day one

Similarly, production stops for unscheduled maintenance resulting from missing items in a service kit, for example, cannot be tolerated. For most high-tech manufacturers, optimising the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of their lines is essential, so here again the quality of components and other items that are supplied is crucial.

Whether you are dealing with new installations or existing lines, BOM tail or MRO parts, high value make parts or low value service items, the material and component quality is key. And that means you need impeccable quality control from your suppliers to ensure worry-free supply.

Kitting (kits of parts) in custom-designed protective packaging for cleanroom use in the high tech sector

Quality assured

MAG45 has access to high-performing suppliers across many technologies and geographies, and takes on complete responsibility for quality assurance. This way, new machines can make a faultless start, and uptime around maintenance cycles is maximised.

High-tech machinery often needs delicate and sensitive components and assemblies. MAG45 offers ‘clean room’ storage, picking, packing and transport, and can supply individual components or kits of parts in custom-designed protective packaging. Kitting is also an important technique for ensuring that maintenance and upgrade tasks are accomplished in the shortest timescales.

Certificates of Origin

Many advanced technologies are subject to political constraints around sources and destinations – MAG45 takes responsibility for Certificates of Origin along with other compliance declarations (from ROHS and REACH rules on hazardous substances, to the non-use of ‘conflict’ minerals) and the handling of sometimes complex cross-border documentation.

Off-shoring, near-shoring

For complex reasons, our clients are often engaged both in off-shoring production and in re-shoring or near-shoring. MAG45 has the local and global reach to support both these strategies. See all our Locations.

Security in challenging times

Security (from theft to cybersecurity) is also an issue for many of our clients in this sector. Security of supply is also problematic: as has been seen with semiconductors lately, technology items do not have to be of particularly high value to become scarce. MAG45 brings deep knowledge and experience across many potentially problematic categories and has programmes to ensure availability of materials that may potentially face shortages.

Security of supply is just as crucial to high tech manufacturing as security from cyber attachs

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