Developing and refining the best integrated supply solutions

We believe in the value of simplicity, and the importance of insight and foresight. We say ‘yes’ to the challenge of learning what drives our customers.

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Integrated supply: the ‘what and why’

Hundreds of suppliers, thousands of orders, millions of parts. So how do you guarantee everything is delivered ‘On time in full’ (OTIF), with complete efficiency, and at the lowest possible cost? Meet MAG45, the leader in integrated supply solutions.

As experts in supply consolidation, we significantly reduce your administrative burden by providing a single source and a single invoice. With our value-added services like kitting and vendor managed inventory (VMI), we help optimise your logistics and your processes.

In short, integrated supply cuts TCO and boosts productivity!

Maximize your production uptime…

“We bring order and transparency, and put you back in control.”

Our solutions

MAG45 has extensive experience in the optimisation of sourcing, logistics and processes in order to provide best-in-class integrated supply solutions.

Our expertise

Our growing portfolio of, often, multi-national clients is focused on high-tech machine building, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing and FMCG production. Thanks to our experience, focus and deep understanding of these industries and integrated supply solutions, we are able to meet the specific demands. We master the challenges faced by leading companies in these industries when managing the complete MRO supply or Bill of Materials tail spend.

High-tech machinery

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of high tech production lines is essential

Medical equipment

The Medical Technology world has become a high tech business, where supply chain reliability is crucial


The pharma industry needs to make more frequent product changeovers, as treatments become increasingly personalised


Continuous modernisation of FMCG production lines places great demands on the supply of parts, where availability is key

Industrial manufacturing

High volume production industrial machines need to be managed efficiently, like any other industry