01 October 2018

Meet Brian!

When you work with colleagues in different time zones, on different continents, and in different languages, good communication is the key that keeps the MAG45 integrated supply machine running.

Before Brian started working at MAG45, he would have never thought that some of his favorite colleagues would be based thousands of kilometers away. "Ron Lum in Singapore is one of the best guys to work with. He's clear with what he needs and asks clear follow up questions." Brian is a sourcing specialist at the MAG45 hub in Portland, Oregon, USA, and Ron is a MAG45 onsite Sales Engineer based at BI in Singapore. They have never met in person, but they are both part of the rapidly growing MAG45 international family, communicating regularly to serve the needs of our customers around the globe.

This growth is what brought Brian to MAG45 a year and a half ago. The opening of a new hub in North America to serve the needs of our customer ThermoFisher Scientific, led to the hiring of Brian and one other colleague in the Portland. "We've been there since day one, and have been a part of the journey every step since then."

"When you're a part of a small team [now grown to four], you have the opportunity to do a bit of everything from beginning to end. I've worked in back office, warehouse, and now sourcing." Especially for sourcing Brian enjoys the challenge and the "investigative work that goes into every day."

In June, Brian took part in a week-long training in Eindhoven, along with colleagues from Italy, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. "Such experiences are challenging and fun. I'm in quite a unique position, where I'm getting to interact with hubs from other countries all over the world. We're all MAG45 and it's great getting to help each other, and try to understand the daily challenges our customers and colleagues are facing."

Connecting with people and building relationships is a fundamental part of Brian's private life as well, as he enjoys playing basketball, hiking and spending time with friends and family.