26 June 2018

Meet Alice!

The Whole Picture

In 2006, Alice joined MAG45 as customer service employee. In that time all Chinese business was coordinated from headquarters in The Netherlands. When she started working, there were two people: Customer Service and Sales. In that time they mainly worked for Philips and some other small companies.

In 2009, a legal entity was setup for the business in China. It was then when Alice looked at her future and spoke about how she could further develop herself within the company. And this actually never changed during her career at MAG45. "There are always new possibilities to learn and develop yourself. And that is exactly what I like about working for MAG45. There is a very open culture, no matter which department. Everybody is very open for discussion and never hiding anything. I always throw everything on the table. I tell everything I know to help the customer and my colleagues".

It was back in 2009, when Alice chose the direction towards Sourcing and Purchasing. The past three years she has been focusing on project sourcing by supporting colleagues with potential new customers. "I like to think about how I should handle a specific project – think systematically. Is the customer satisfied with the proposed products, quality, price and also with the supplier of those products. I also investigate if the supplier fits within the project and benchmark the gathered data. Of course it is also important to make sure the project is profitable for MAG45. So I'm always making sure to look at all parties involved I oversee the whole picture to ensure it's a win-win situation for everybody".

Alice also likes to see the whole picture when photographing in her leisure time. "Capturing an image which looks complete from all different angles, that's when I'm content ." she also loves to travel with her 10 year old boy through China and watching movies.

After working for MAG45 for more than a decade, Alice has seen her team develop from 2 people to a 20+ team and growing. "The growth of the business enables to develop myself and my function. I never stop developing and learning while working for MAG45, that's for sure".