01 November 2018

Establishment MAG45 Italy

Eindhoven – The Netherlands, December 2018 – A year after joining forces with the Italian Savone, MAG45 Italy is transforming into a true integrated supply solution provider.

Over the year we have optimized our service and started to spread the integrated supply approach on our customer base.

It was a challenge to implement a new ERP system, new procedures and tools to become a real MAG45 sister company in just one year. There are great opportunities ahead for creating more value for our customers and growing the current business with integrated supply solutions.

In the beginning of September, MAG45 Italy moved towards a brand new office in Ceccano (FR). This was necessary to implement a global level operation and to have the tools and space available to serve our Italian customers optimally.

Roberto Pettinari, General Manager MAG45 Italy: "After a year of hard work we are now proud to conclude that the service we provide to our customers is getting at the MAG45 professional level. As being part of MAG45, we can build on 70 years' experience of our parent company. We are using that knowledge and experience to transform into an integrated supply solution provider."

MAG45 Italy