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Team Leader who goes for the best deal

Winning new orders is Richard van de Sande’s kind of sport. It’s one that he gets to practice daily in his role as Team Leader Quotation Desk. “At MAG45, we have the speed and flexibility that bigger companies miss, and a free hand from management to do what we think is best—even if it means switching suppliers. It’s an entrepreneurial way of working that allows us to score by bringing in new business,” he says.

Daily challenge

“We’re a team of four, sourcing supplies for our major customers,” he comments. “We’re constantly looking for the fastest delivery time and optimum price. Every day it’s a different challenge.” Richard, 57, joined MAG45 in 1998 when the company moved into its current premises in Eindhoven. Born in the nearby village of Best, he completed technical school, narrowly missed an Air Force career—due to a few points on an eye test—and served 11 years at a television importer before switching to Philips/MAG45. “I came across a vacancy for MAG45, then part of Philips Machinefabrieken. The first acquaintance was very pleasant and so I took the initial step.”

Coffee and e-bikes

What makes the company special for him are the deep friendships with colleagues. “It’s like one big family,” he feels, “We have short lines, good communication—everyone’s accessible from high to low. It’s the sort of place where the boss invites you to go and have coffee with his mother when you’re passing through his home village with your wife,” adds Richard, a father of three, who recently toured the Netherlands by car and e-bike. “MAG45 is like a watch. Every tiny cog counts. I feel everyone’s valued and appreciated for their contribution. My ambition is to continue supporting the company’s growth.”

Richard van de Sande

Team Leader Quotation Desk