Account Officer who sees the bigger picture

To produce a huge microscope that can turn a particle into a panorama, you need a long BOM tail of small parts to be delivered on deadline. It may not be immediately obvious where to find them. Time to call Pim Marks.

“Sometimes our customers don’t know where to turn so they come to us for a solution,” says Pim, an account officer in MAG45’s Customer Service Office in his home city of Eindhoven. “If a med-tech company is making a huge microscope and they don’t have the necessary components on time, it’s going to have serious consequences. We do everything we can to be one step ahead and to meet their lead time, whether it’s ten weeks or two. We may not make much margin by delivering a small quantity of parts. But you have to see the bigger picture.”

Unique proposition

This combination of delivering both the products and the services around them makes MAG45 different, according to Pim. “It was this unique proposition that attracted me to the company, along with its ambition. When I joined in 2017, we had just become part of the Solar Group, which gave us a very stable basis for the future.”

In the engine room

A father-of-three who studied automotive management and has telecoms experience, Pim works in the Customer Service Office—right at the heart of MAG45’s unique proposition. “CSO is the engine room of the business. Everything the company does starts and ends with us, with our attention,” he explains. “We have a lot of authority to do what we think is best, a lot of trust. We’re allowed to take ownership.” The future? “MAG45 has ambition and potential. I’m curious to see what comes next.”

Pim Marks

Account Officer