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Resident Engineer who likes to be on the move

For a classic car driver and fitness fan who prefers to be in motion, Michal Sobotka had an unusually slow start to his career at MAG45. “I turned up for the interview with a broken leg. It was quite embarrassing,” says Michal, 32, “For the first weeks in the warehouse, I was on crutches.” Despite his sports injury, he set to work immediately—parked behind a computer screen—helping teammates supply the components needed to keep clients’ machines up-and-running.

Human touch

Michal joined MAG45 in 2017 after working for a global corporate with thousands of employees. “I needed a change. I felt from the beginning that MAG45 was a company with a human touch. We all know each other. When I joined, we were five people. Now there are 22 of us here in the Brno hub. It’s a good atmosphere, a good team.”

With two days in the MAG45 office and three days on-site with a major med-tech client (before the 2020-21 lockdown), Michal feels the job still gives him plenty of opportunity to use his expertise. “I can apply my engineering knowledge and analytical skills to interpret a technical drawing or to find the best solution for a particular issue. Listening to the customer is key. My goal is that the client sees me as one of their employees.”

Fast moving

Keen on running, inline skating, fitness workouts and driving his three cars—including a 1999 Jaguar—Michal values the international aspect of MAG45 and its future potential. “I’ve seen the growth here in Brno. We now have people from many different backgrounds, which can lead to surprising new ideas,” he says. “I enjoy being part of MAG45 because it’s evolving really fast.”

Michal Sobotka

Resident Engineer, Czech Republic