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Business Consultant who loves a challenge

When MAG45 Business Consultant Anastasija Nazarian opens a video call with a potential client, she is ready for some interesting challenges. “The supply chain world of today is extremely complex, so building trust early on by showing your professional knowledge and expertise is essential,” says Anastasija, 29, from Latvia. A multilingual MBA graduate, specialised in supply chain and procurement management, she joined MAG45 as a junior business developer in 2018 and was promoted to her new role in April 2021. She is based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Smart supply chain

Explaining the meaning of “integrated supply chain” is another challenge that Anastasija enjoys. “What MAG45 does is really unique and special. There are not many other companies that have the same value proposition. You have to explain what the company does in a simple and correct way.” Once that bridge is built, Anastasija can connect more closely with the prospect to explore their needs and motivations and find out how MAG45 can help them achieve their goals. “My role is particularly meaningful as I often have the first contact with a potential new customer. Being in a position to immediately offer consultancy on the best way forward for their MRO or BOM tail business is very important for our future collaboration.”

Dynamic and diverse

Anastasija values the MAG45 entrepreneurial spirit, good team interactions and the ease with which she can approach directors with questions. She also likes the variety of her role – from market research and competitor analysis to customer onboarding. “My job is very diverse. I’m working with colleagues and customers from so many different cultures and backgrounds. This is one of the main reasons I love MAG45 and my role. If you like a dynamic, international environment, this is the place to be.”

Anastasija Nazarian, Business Development Manager

Anastasija Nazarian

Business Consultant