MRO and BOM tail procure to pay processes can be complex and inefficient. Typically, these items are only 10-20% of a site’s procurement expenditure, but up to 60-70% of the transactional workload, with high hidden costs in the organization. Our goal is to simplify these processes using lean and 5S principles, and reduce workload and waste.

The process solutions we offer to reduce your process complexity:

Kanban stock at hand
The physical and administrative handling of low value, fast moving parts often causes a high workload; from physical handling, registration of usages, retrieving RFQ’s from suppliers, to placing purchase orders and open order management.

We optimise the process for such fast moving, low value items by implementing our Kanban solution using scanners or RFID technology:

  • Removing administrative workload (less purchase order lines, no consumption registration, consolidated invoicing)
  • Minimizing walking time for users     
  • Improving item availability
  • Taking over the physical handling
  • Managing additional services such as cleaning

Vending machines
Ensuring item availability for users outside of standard warehouse opening hours, close to the point of use, or requiring 100% registration on certain product groups can be cumbersome. At one hand there is a need for registering usages, at the other hand to minimize time spent by users to retrieve parts.

Installing a Vending Machine can be a solution, especially for high value parts with frequent consumption patterns. Employees have easy access to items using for example their company badge, at a location that is convenient for them. This way of working has several advantages:

  • 24/7 access to items
  • Ensured registration of consumptions
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Reduction in consumptions through personalised registration
  • Reduced walking time
  • Improved availability / reduction in stock-outs

MAG45 can completely manage the replenishment process, which allows you to focus on your core business. 

On-site quotation desk
Finding the right product, with the desired lead time, and the best price can be time consuming. The responsibility often lies with the end-user, taking up resources better spent on strengthening your core business.

Our mission is to simplify the process, freeing up capacity at your highly paid technicians. Our dedicated, single point of contact finds the best source for your requests. Due to our brand independency, we can handle all brands you require. 

Storeroom management
Employees typically face several challenges when using storerooms - that is, without best-in-class storeroom management. For example:

-       Parts are stored too far from the point of use resulting in unneeded walking times.
-       Poor usage and stock level registration leads to unnecessary searching time and stock outs.

Grey inventories in the stores or on/near the factory floor lead to a lack of insight in available stock. In some cases these challenges even lead to unneeded production and machine downtime.

MAG45 offers best-in-class storeroom management based on the highest 5S standards and latest technologies (e.g. RFID storeroom or mobile apps). Our solutions lead to best in class stock control, improved item availability, higher service levels, and production uptime.

We proactively seek collaboration with the end-users to constantly review and improve our storeroom services, such as involvement in engineering team meetings, workflow management and goods distribution to end-users.

Technicians and engineers can spend a great deal of their time preparing the items they need for planned maintenance, installation or machine upgrades. The time spent on searching for the right parts in the supply base or storerooms and chasing suppliers for open orders can be cumbersome and time consuming.

MAG45 provides complete kitting solutions, taking care of the part availability, packaging and added services such as cleaning, quality check and packaging if required.

E-commerce platform

MAG45 provides online support to our customers throughout the procure to pay process. Our E-commerce platform includes several solutions such as:

  • Web shop containing assortment adjusted to your needs
  • Big data search and match engine
  • Punch-out to multiple ERP and ordering systems
  • Customer portal providing access to relevant KPI’s and information

Mobile applications
Engineers require 24/7 access to item and inventory information on every device, instead of needing to walk to a storeroom or PC to look up information and place requisitions or orders. The use of mobile applications can vastly improve the efficiency, by offering engineers mobile access to supply management systems, product information and the quotation desk. Products that are taken from the storeroom can be scanned with the mobile device, registering the usage in your system.

On-site customer service
MAG45 offers a single point of contact for all orders, questions, issues and to ensure continuous improvement of the operation. This employee is our linking pin in the customer and MAG45 organisation, actively participating in initiatives such as:

  • Improvement projects
  • Provision of alternative products
  • Solution implementation
  • Technical support