MRO supply solutions

Our best-in-class integrated supply solutions for MRO (Maintenance, Repairs, Operations) supply include a range of services, from consolidation and fulfilment from a global supply base, to reporting.

A total care solution

Your MRO Supply challenge

Maintenance, Repairs, Operations supply comprises the huge variety of goods and materials required to maintain production, both on your own lines and through the support offered to your customers in the field. Items include mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic parts, associated tools and accessories, and a diverse range of consumable items from tool bits and inserts to personal protective equipment.

Demand may be scheduled, as in planned maintenance, or unpredictable, arising from accidents and breakdowns; and it may vary according to production programmes. Goods can be quite generic, or restricted to Original Manufacturer parts. Items are typically held and used across multiple locations, impairing visibility, frustrating supply and inventory management, creating waste, and encouraging ‘creative’ solutions such as rogue procurement and grey inventory.

MRO supply involves hundreds of suppliers receiving thousands of orders, often of low value and significance to the supplier, but any one of which may be critical to keeping your production on-line. Significant procurement effort is expended on securing these items, yet these costs are poorly recovered through the sale price of the goods produced.

Customer experiences

Our MRO supply solution

MAG45’s MRO supply solution brings together a range of services that have been designed efficiently to create visibility, reliability and confidence in your MRO supply management, building on the principles of supply and supplier consolidation.

A One-stop-shop that saves you time and money.
Consolidation is key

We consolidate your supply requirements across lines, facilities, geographies and users to form a single relationship with us as your integrated supply partner: a One-stop-shop that saves you time and money. Starting from a solid understanding of your current situation, and after comprehensive data cleaning, we install active assortment and Master Data management, which consolidates current and forecast demand across all sites and users. We undertake to:

  • Manage assortments proactively according to your needs
  • Optimize your processes
  • Bring transparency to your supply chain
Full technical support at the local level, and a single point of contact
Global supply base

Through us, your orders can be fulfilled from a global supply base, within which we are actively managing suppliers, risks, and Quality Assurance. Active on three continents (Asia, Europe, North America) our local hubs manage sourcing and pricing to the benefit of all our customers. We offer full technical support at the local level, and you enjoy a single point of contact through a team dedicated to your account. We promise to:

  • Work proactively to ensure reliable delivery
  • Improve or renew logistical configurations
  • Ensure competitive pricing at all times
Accountability and reporting ensure visibility in your processes
Accountability & reporting

Our efficient procurement-to-payment process features competitive pricing against an actively managed price list, with standardised payment terms to a single consolidated invoice.

Our accountability­­­­­­–and your visibility­­­–is assured by comprehensive KPIs and other reports accessible in an easy-to-read dashboard. We also update your category strategy each year based on the strategic market outlook. This results in:

  • An Annual Sourcing Action Plan
  • Visible purchase price reductions
  • Alternative cost reduction proposals

Our Standard services

Active assortment & Master data management
Active pricelist management & competitive pricing
Supplier management
Efficient procure to pay process
Standardized payment terms and consolidated invoices
Local technical OEM support
Supply chain transparency and visibility
Cross site leveraging
Access to global supply base
Quality assurance
Reliable delivery performance
Active risk management
1 point of contact – dedicated team
KPI dashboards

Our Optional services

Our standard MRO consolidation service can be further tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of your company through adding a range of optional services around sourcing, logistics (including inventory management and stock issue and control), and the implementation of effective business management and control processes.

Integrated Supply consists of three interlinked components

Optionally, our engineers can work with your teams on re-sourcing and standardisation to reduce complexity and further consolidate the supplier base. We can advise on stocking parameters, manage consignment stocks, and accommodate special requirements such as supply under cleanroom conditions or applying customer/user specific labelling.

We can, if desired, take responsibility for compliance, country of origin, and similar declarations. We encourage process automation and digitisation, through EDI ordering, confirmation and invoicing, and through punch-out to the MAG45 web shop.

We offer a range of user-access solutions and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) models, including vending machines, for example for the lineside issue of production tooling such as cutting tools, bits and inserts, and X-bin Stock-At-Hand set-ups.

We can also take responsibility for the reconfiguration and subsequent management of storerooms, which also allows us to offer parts issue as complete kits, for example for specific maintenance tasks.

If desired and appropriate, our team can be based, full or part time, at one or more of your sites, fully embedded alongside your production and maintenance staff.

Our Optional services for both Tail consolidation and Full consolidation include:

Resourcing / standardization
Compliance declarations
Repair management
Master data management (non-active items)
Stock parameters advice
Vendor Managed Inventory
Consignment stock
Customer specific labelling
Punch-out to MAG45 web shop
EDI Ordering & Confirmation
EDI Invoicing
X-bin stock at hand
Vending machine
Storeroom management
Kitting (e.g. maintenance kits)
Storeroom revamp
On-site customer service