BOM tail supply

Bill of Materials (BOM) tail supply consists of those materials included in your finished products. Correct management of these components requires many resources. The availability of tail supply materials is critical in the assembly, installation, upgrading or maintenance of high tech equipment.

Global organisations, by their very nature, have multiple assembly sites located around the world. Each location will have its own preferred methods of work. In addition to this, each site interacts with local suppliers, who also adopt a specific way of operating.

MAG45's own global presence partnered with a local approach facilitates universal ways of working whilst capturing synergies and sharing best practices between sites.

MAG45 BOM tail supply

BOM tail

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BOM tail solutions - in the spotlight


MAG45 is committed to increasing the value of your business by taking care of your BOM tail supply. To enable us to reach this goal, we developed a range of proven BOM-tail solutions.

One stop shop

One stop shop

Brand independent supplier management of a supply base that satisfies your requirements for all materials across every required category and brand.

Installation Service Kitting

Installation Service Kitting

Kitting is used for planned maintenance. It significantly reduces the operational workload and process complexity. MAG45 provides kits for installs and upgrades, including cleaning processes, with packing determined by user requirements. This ensures 100% item availability.

Kanban Stock at hand

Kanban Stock at hand

By implementing X-bin stock at hand, utilising scanners or RFID technology, materials are supplied up to the point of use. This optimises the operational handling. By actively managing the assortment and having the correct quantities available for a specific production process, MAG45 is able to reduce walking and search time.

"MAG45 helped us to establish optimised supply base management on a global basis for our tail suppliers. By consolidating the number of such suppliers, MAG45 gives us the opportunity to focus on our core suppliers."

Cees Sluys
VP Supply Chain - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Solutions to optimise your BOM tail supply


BOM tail solutions to ensure material availability


BOM tail solutions to reduce operational workload