Case Study - Ready-made meals

A producer of ready-made meals for the consumer market in the UK and Ireland.

The challenge

Before MAG45 came on board, there was no structural storeroom management in place, let alone insight in stock levels or the expenditure on parts. Due to this lack of control in MRO, employees didn't know where to find parts and production lines frequently exceeded their budgets. A stock replenishment process or management system didn't exist either, leading to frequent stock outs.

The solution

MAG45 was asked to introduce a fully integrated supply solution. The storeroom was completely operationalised and the supply of MRO completely taken over, including:

  • Designing and installing a storeroom for technical spares
  • Installing a Warehouse Management System and registering part codes and information
  • Storeroom management including automatic replenishment using 3 FTE
  • Supplier consolidation, MAG45 is the one-stop shop for all MRO requirements
  • An on-site quotation desk that engineers can turn to for RFQ's and technical support
  • Supply base management, continuously searching for improvements and managing item data
  • The introduction of mobile apps that provides insights into stock levels and part criticality
  • Transparent and customer KPI reporting supporting insight in the MRO spend and increasing budget management


Overall there has been a huge increase in part availability thanks to registration of items and inventory, and installing automatic replenishments. Management has more insights into item spend and engineers are able to find parts quickly and efficiently. Stock levels have been reduced thanks to efficient storeroom management.


"For a decade, MAG45 has proven to be our reliable partner in integrated supply. They keep searching for ways to improve our supply chain and thanks to on-site support our engineers get the service they need."

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