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18 November 2019 | In:

MAG45 Network event 2019

Supply chain professionals from all over the Netherlands gathered for the 2019 MAG45 Round Table networking event on October 31st.

What? Integrated Supply?
18 April 2018

What? Integrated Supply?

These days we see a growing trend towards ‘Integrated Supply’ in the industrial sector. But what is it actually? Why is it necessary? Find out in this White Paper.

Understanding ‘Integrated Supply’
01 March 2018

Understanding ‘Integrated Supply’

In this blog our Solutions Engineering Manager Dirk van den Hengel, provides an understanding of Integrated Supply and what it can mean for you.

Meet Leon!
17 January 2018

Meet Leon!

He was one of the first at MAG45 to go "on site" at the customer and when he start something he won't stop until it is successfully finished.

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