18 November 2019

MAG45 Network event 2019

Supply chain professionals from all over the Netherlands
gathered for the 2019 MAG45 Round Table networking event on October 31st.

Focusing on ‘Agility in the Supply Chain’, the event was
chaired by Edwin Dekker, Branch Manager of NEVAT-FME. In his introduction he touched on some of the demands facing OEM suppliers in 2019 and compared them with the situation a decade ago. Victor Roos, CCO of MAG45, explained how MAG45 approaches the issue of supply chain agility and briefly described three customer cases as illustration.

The thought-provoking guest speaker was Frank Rozemeijer, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management at the University of Maastricht. He spoke on ‘Supply chain agility in a wicked world,’ and recalled the ‘5 P’s of Procurement’: price, product, processes, people and purpose. He suggested that the way to address his ten ‘wicked procurement problems’ is to ensure that supply networks are connected to business models. He also introduced the concept of a ‘value proposition canvas’, which involves exploring the value a supplier can offer customers by looking not just at products and services, but at jobs, pains and gains.

The breakout sessions provoked some stimulating discussions. In the first, one conclusion is that it is vital to extend the customer/supplier discussion from product and price into mutual relationships and efficiencies. In the second, participants considered topics such as how digitalisation can support supply chain agility, how to maximise scalability, and how to empower personnel to support supply chain agility and ensure they are fit for the future.

By the end it had become clear that next generation supply chain management professionals are increasingly tapping into the right side of their brains – the more emotional side. This enables agility in the supply chain to be fostered through Creativity, Courage and Connectivity.