24 January 2019

CEO for a day

Today is the day where children can experience how it's like to be a CEO during 'Baas van Morgen', which is a great initiative of JINC. For this event, our CEO Bauke Zeinstra also handed over his function to Naomi.

"I'm pleased to introduce our new CEO Naomi Geurtz. Today more than 200 children take over jobs from Dutch CEOs and politicians for one day. JINC 'Baas van Morgen' enables elementary and high school pupils, who grow-up in a socio-economic challenging environment, to experience what it is like to be in charge and to build a relevant network." thus our CEO Bauke Zeinstra. 

"Being a father myself I'm always energized by the way children are able to simplify our world. Thanks to Naomi we have new inspiring angles to look at our business!"