13 December 2018

Meet Marianne!

The MAG45 detective
Marianne joined MAG45 as allround warehouse employee in the beginning of 2008. She joined as a part of MRO Industries, a Dutch MRO service provider acquired by MAG45 that year. As the company celebrates its 70-year anniversary, Marianne is celebrating her own 10-year anniversary with MAG45.

With 10+ years’ experience in the warehouse, Marianne has become the internal oracle for colleagues around the world.

“It’s great to experience so many different cultures when working for such an international company. I learn a lot from colleagues around the world when providing the Warehouse Training. Nowadays you do not see very often that people stay at the same company for 10+ years, but since the growth of MAG45 my team of colleagues grows with it. This makes it dynamic and different every day!”

When there are challenges no one else can solve, they come to Marianne who cannot wait to start investigating the root cause and find the underlying cause. Colleagues even sometimes call her the BaaN Wizard (BaaN is the ERP system that, among other things, is used to administer all warehouse activities). A true detective.

“I go for that extra mile and try new things to solve the challenges we face. When making decisions I act like MAG45 is my own company, so they say. If something goes wrong at the customer I try to see it from their point of view and do everything possible to fix it.”

In her free time, Marianne loves to watch thrillers or read detective novels. And she’s always up for sushi with friends!