13 July 2017 | In:

Smart e-business platform of MAG45 uses big data from the chain

The pressure on suppliers of spare parts is increasing and manufacturers must be able to quickly access the required product information. MAG45’s new e-business platform saves time for all partners in the chain.

With the launch of a new e-business platform, MAG45 creates insight in its own supply chain but also in the chains of its clients. MAG45 worked for 2.5 years on the platform and combined an e-commerce tool with a big data solution. The platform is built by using input and experiences of clients like Van Aarsen Machinefabriek and Vanderlande Industries. “Clients of Vanderlande are in control of their processes because of the platform”, says Allard van Veelen, Group Leader Products at Vanderlande.

“The first steps; the setting up of the product data and the big data solution, did cost us some time, but now it will lead to time savings for our clients, partners and ourselves,” explains Laurent Chavagne, Business Innovation Director at MAG45 and creator of the platform. “The pressure on our clients is increasing and they are forced to keep track of all data they have. That is something positive, because it reduces the requests of chain partners in which they can’t help. Partners and clients can always see which products are available and if products aren’t available they can ask our quotation desk for support.” 

The story about the e-business platform is part of the article‘E-bussines platform MAG45 maakt slim gebruik van big data van keten”, that was published in Logistiek (June 2017).