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MAG45 celebrates 70 years anniversary

On January 2nd this year, MAG45 reached the age of 70 years. Time to celebrate!

MAG45 reached a huge milestone in its history on January 2nd this year, celebrating 70 years of business.

On 2 January 1948, MAG45 was established as 'Magazijn 4500' by Philips to standardise and simplify MRO warehousing and logistics across its manufacturing divisions. Now, MAG45 is known as the reference for integrated supply with over 200 employees working from 12 locations around the world. They support blue chip companies operating mainly in the Medical Technology, Machinery and Equipment, Pharmacy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Industry.

On January 11th the company celebrated this anniversary with all its colleagues from their headquarters in The Netherlands. The location suited the occasion perfectly: Strijp-S in Eindhoven. This is the industrial park where Philips, the founder of MAG45, built their first factory.

“It gives me great pride in joining MAG45 employees, customers and business partners in celebrating the company's 70th anniversary. We have come a long way since the business was started in 1948 and are very excited about our future as the company continues to thrive in these exciting times," said Managing Director Bauke Zeinstra when discussing the celebration. Mr. Zeinstra wrote a blog about the 70 years anniversary of MAG45.

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