22 May 2017

'A big data solution has to be smart and smooth'

Ben van der Burg
To be honest, the story of Ben van der Burg, who started as our first speaker, sure caught the attention. “A story needs to be strange, otherwise people won’t listen,” is what he told us.“Everything around us is data, but more important is the underlying course of it”, is what Ben explained. “Data is improving every day and we have to keep analyzing it to make things better. By analyzing data, organizations get to know their customers. Businesses need to be flexible and need to respond to their customer’s needs to make solutions better and smooth. This is the same with the e-commerce platform. MAG45 knows exactly what the customer wants and presents a platform that provides everything you need.” 

User experiences 
We were very pleased and proud that our clients Van Aarsen, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Vanderlande wanted to share their success stories with the attendants. They explained how a collaboration with MAG45 works in practice and how it helped them to be more successful.


Introduction big data e-commerce platform
We ended with the introduction of the new platform by Laurent Chavagne, who is responsible for innovation at MAG45. Laurent: “E-commerce is not an add-on to the current way of working, but will replace the old way of doing things completely. MAG45 believes that in the future a customer expects to find every answer to every possible question on our e-commerce platform. We believe that big data and data science will revolutionize the way we manage supply chains. From the current way of predicting through models, we should be able to predict from facts, and even from facts that are still to occur.”

The event ended with a presentation about the e-business platform and, of course, with champagne. It took us two and a half years to develop our new platform. We are proud and wwanted to celebrate this moment. Like Ben van der Burg said: “Big data solutions have to be smart, but most of all smooth to be successful, and we succeeded."