Fast moving, the name of the game

Companies that build equipment for FMCG market producers are acutely aware of the downside of their customers’ Just-in-time delivery model – it’s all about speed and availability. A stockout on a single part may not only prevent the timely delivery of their own machine, but delay, perhaps by months, the installation or commissioning of an entire production line or factory at the client. MAG45’s solutions, such as Vendor Managed Inventory techniques or lineside vending machines for small parts, provide visible and effective assurance of parts availability.

In the fast moving world of FMCG, reliable supply plays an important role in risk reduction

Planning for the future

FMCG is unforgiving. With low margins, consistently high volume production is an imperative and unplanned downtime unacceptable. MAG45 can play a key role in planning stock requirements and locations for both preventative and unplanned maintenance, informed by machine monitoring analytics and other techniques. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things are being rapidly adopted, supporting the need of suppliers such as MAG45 to slot seamlessly into this ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things are coming to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry

All change

Marketing-driven change, especially in packing and filling, is relentless, creating the need to design, manufacture and stock an increasing range of ‘change parts’ to adapt to new requirements. This almost continuous modernisation of production lines is also driven by the need to reduce costs and improve reliability (to create longer periods between inspections). The need for such change parts may be unique to one geography, or for a simultaneous roll-out globally. For many FMCG customers, seasonality is also a factor which we need to take into account.

MAG45 has unrivalled access to competent and competitive suppliers across mechanical, electrical and other technologies. We can reduce risk by creating shorter supply chains and ensuring highly reliable deliveries. We can provide complete kits of spare parts for machines that have been modernized, prior to starting production. And, we foresee an increasing use of 3D printing and similar technologies to create change parts close to the point of use, but subject to a central co-ordination that we can provide.

Fast action

For global operators we have the capability to locate and move or redirect supplies to their point of need quickly and efficiently. In this way we can help FMCG companies ensure consistent high performance worldwide whilst optimising stock levels. We also offer potential customers a fast, free inspection of their warehouse setup and process, to identify where efficiency gains can be made. As our global customers would expect, we make the fullest use of EDI and other e-commerce processes.

In both machine building and subsequent maintenance, the industry increasingly operates at the level of complete assemblies and subsystems rather than individual parts and components. MAG45 can support this approach through our own resources and through trusted third-party assemblers.

FMCG companies require consistent high performance manufacturing worldwide whilst optimising stock levels.

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