Maschinenbau und Erstausrüster - Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher (formerly FEI Company) is the world leader in electron microscopy technologies and applications for nanoscale research. Its microscopes are used by industrial and institutional research labs and semiconductor producers.

The challenge

Thermo Fisher's main challenges before working with MAG45 were a fragmented supply base with limited sourcing leverage, unbalanced inventory levels and time consuming processes, leading to inefficiencies and a high transactional workload. Production and field engineers typically spent too much time on arranging item availability which took time away from their core activities.

The solutions

MAG45 and Thermo Fisher have had a strong partnership for many years across multiple production facilities in Europe and the United States. MAG45 supports the sites with a global, standardized model consolidating the supply base, VMI on the production floor, kitting, and on-site resident engineering support. Key services include:

  • Supplier reduction (>700 suppliers) and item standardization programs, leading to lower transactional workloads. This also includes special material stock pooling in order to increase efficiency across sites
  • Kanban stock at hand solutions in the production facilities of cleaned and non-cleaned materials, reducing the workload for material handling, and production engineers walking and waiting times
  • Proactive logistic, assortment and supply base management to ensure item availability at all times
  • Kitting solutions for machine installations and upgrades, ensuring 100% item availability and on-time delivery including cleaning services.
  • Personal on-site support by a resident MAG45 engineer working closely with the end-users
  • Transparent, jointly defined Key Performance Indicators that are reported and discussed periodically


MAG45 has realised a substantial reduction of suppliers and standardization of items, reducing the transactional workload for the internal organisation. The item availability at the production floor and for service engineers improved thanks to the stock at hand and kitting solutions. Engineers now spend significantly less time on gathering RFQ's from suppliers, arranging part availability and solving availability issues. Overall, Thermo Fisher has realized a significant reduction in transactional workload and increased efficiency.

Customer experience

“MAG45 helped us to establish optimized supply base management on a global basis for our tail suppliers. The consolidation of the large number of suppliers by MAG45 on a global basis gives us the opportunity to focus on our core suppliers. The support MAG45 provides with their resident engineers is a real enabler for further growth and is a positive differentiator."

 - Cees Sluys, VP Supply Chain