02 Juli 2020

Succesful Webinar on Supplier declarations

When a company is involved in international trade, they will have to deal with various export documents. Compiling and collecting the right documents is a complex process and the risks when it is not done properly are high. MAG45 realized that customers also face such challenges 

and noticed that many of them deal with supplier declarations in a different way. In order to find out where these differences come from, what the possibilities are, which documents are needed and when they are needed, MAG45 organized a Webinar on June 18, 2020.

The Webinar was led by renowned consultant, Ron van der Gaarden of Esmerillon. The Webinar was attended by specialized employees of several customers, Bauke Zeinstra (CEO MAG45), Arno Millenaar (Sales Manager MAG45) and Nikki Willemse (QHSE and Compliance Manager MAG45).

In his presentation Ron van der Gaarden explained a lot about the importance of supplier declarations, what they are used for and why they are needed when interacting in international trade. The presentation was followed up by a discussion where customers shared their experiences and the challenges they face when dealing with supplier declarations. In the end, we found a possible solution for some of these challenges. Both MAG45 and the customers agreed to work together in order to further develop a pragmatic solution.

MAG45 would like to thank everyone for his or her contribution to this Webinar. In particular, we would like to thank Ron van der Gaarden for sharing his knowledge and thinking along in these specific challenges. We hope that in future, we can continue to share experiences, knowledge and insights together in this manner and look for a solution on the different challenges we face in our business on a daily basis.