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Airport Logistics

A global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market with 5,500 employees. The company’s baggage handling systems are used by 13 of the 20 largest airports in the world.

The challenge
The company is going through massive growth of more than 50% per year. The main challenge of the service department is to manage the supply of spare parts to end users without adding resources to the team. That is why they needed a supply chain partner to reduce the number of suppliers and manage agreements with all of them. This would allow the service department to focus on the key strategic suppliers and deliver the best service to the end user, despite huge year-over-year growth.

The solutions

  • MAG45 manages the entire supply chain base of spare parts. This allows the service department to improve the availability of spare parts.
  • Measurements are used to monitor the performance of spare parts suppliers, ensuring a constant focus on improving performance.
  • Value add services are delivered to reduce process complexity for the warehouse, such as item labelling and specific packaging
  • Thanks to master data management the service department can be sure that supplier data is up to date, including item lead times, product specifications and pricing.
  • A central quotation desk offers a single point of contact for the service department to order parts from one of the 250 suppliers.

Customer experience

“Managing this growth level without adding resources to the team has been a tremendous challenge for our service department. Thanks to our partnership with MAG45, we have been able to effectively manage our supplier base and increase our efficiency while delivering a better service to end users.”