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People Enablement: A Key Driver for Supply Chain Success

In today’s dynamic environment, the success of supply chain service providers heavily depends on the knowledge and skillset of their employees. In this sector, precision, efficiency, and adaptability are crucial. This makes employees more than just workers; they are innovators, problem-solvers, and ambassadors who drive growth and development. In this blog post we explore the importance of people enablement, drawing insights from Bauke Zeinstra, CEO of MAG45.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between People and Company Growth

Employee growth and company growth are intertwined. Bauke emphasizes, “A company can only grow if the people working for the company grow first.” This mutual development is critical for MAG45, which, as a medium-sized enterprise, does not have the extensive resources of larger service providers but must still meet high expectations from its influential and fast-growing blue-chip customers. “Compared to our customers, our organization is relatively small. However, considering the value our team reveals for them, we make big impact, which is our recipe for growth.”

Challenges for Supply Chain Experts

MAG45’s customer base consists of global OEMs, mainly active in high-tech, MedTech, or industrial equipment manufacturing. They operate in a volatile and innovative environment with material shortages, logistical challenges, and transport issues. MAG45’s integrated service model takes full ownership of a customer’s tail supply chain, unlocking value through procurement optimization, clever inventory management, and process efficiencies. To optimize and manage the tail supply chains of these OEMs, employees must understand its complexity and precision. This includes navigating uncertainties, capitalizing on opportunities, and ensuring the highest service level.

“Problem-solving, analytical, and proactive thinking skills are essential to enable the highest value for our customers. Together with a deep understanding of quality assurance, process optimization, compliance, and technical knowledge. Furthermore, it is essential for MAG45 employees to have deep customer and industry knowledge, in order to provide services tailored to customer needs.”

What is People Enablement?

People enablement is a broad concept, often misunderstood. As Bauke explains, “For me, it means enable the people who work at MAG45 to bring out the best in themselves.” This involves ensuring that people feel comfortable in their roles, their skillsets match the job requirements, and they have the opportunity to grow and develop.

The Role of Management in People Enablement

People enablement is not just about giving employees more freedom. It stands or falls with activations supported by management. Bauke highlights that the responsibility of the management team is to create an environment where employees can excel. This involves:

  • Ensuring employees’ skill sets align with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Providing opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

The Importance of Autonomy and Opportunity

“Today’s dynamic supply chain environment is bursting with opportunity, and seizing these opportunities enables growth for organizations and our people.” Some best practices for people enablement include setting clear expectations and goals, offering continuous training and development opportunities, fostering open communication, delegating authority and responsibility, and recognition and rewarding employees. Above all, employees need to be offered autonomy and opportunities.

Reflecting on his career, Bauke shares personal experiences of growth, such as the first time he was asked to lead a team. “These moments are significant because they involve trusting an individual with new responsibilities and opportunities for growth. When your employer shows a feeling of trust and offers an opportunity to do something you have never done before, that is a true moment of enablement,” Bauke recalls.


People enablement is essential for service-providing companies with a value-adding business model like MAG45. By fostering an environment where people feel empowered, MAG45 can unlock new levels of innovation, productivity, and loyalty, which are key for company growth. This mindset not only enhances employee satisfaction but also contributes to MAG45’s success in providing integrated tail supply solutions.

Working at MAG45 will involve excelling in a broad skillset to deliver the best integrated supply solutions for customers. Are you looking to unlock your potential and do you want to contribute to the supply chain success of the most influential OEMs? Check out our current vacancies!

MAG45 CEO Bauke Zeinstra

Bauke Zeinstra

Bauke Zeinstra is Chief Executive Officer at MAG45 and Senior Vice President at Solar. He joined the company in 2014, having previously worked in several prominent positions in International Procurement and Industrial Sales. Bauke holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Political Science and Government.