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10 October 2018

MAG45: Quality and the Environment

MAG45 is no exception. These aspects are drivers for our own continuous improvement. In addition, they are fundamental for our stakeholders around the world. They have their own advanced quality and environment systems, and so require us to have them too. All our stakeholders expect us to be able to demonstrate that we are meeting and beating the highest standards as an entry requirement for doing business.

The road to efficiency and effectiveness
The most widely recognised way of demonstrating a company’s ongoing commitment to quality and environmental improvement is to achieve and maintain certification to the relevant ISO Standards. These are not box-ticking exercises. I graduated as an integral safety expert, and have been a volunteer firefighter, so I understand the importance of safety, quality and environmental management and appreciate that these jobs are never finished. They are ongoing journeys of improvement that require us to continuously fine-tune and adapt processes to meet changing circumstances and needs. They help MAG45, our stakeholders and the supply chains that we work to become more efficient and more effective.

When I joined the company in May 2017, MAG45 already possessed ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification. ISO 9001 certification confirms that we have the systems that will consistently deliver products and services that meet customer requirements. ISO 14001 demonstrates that we can continually improve our environmental performance. The two standards overlap, so we’ve been streamlining and integrating our systems to work together more efficiently. At the end of 2017 we updated certification to the revised ISO 9001:2015. In early 2018 we took control of our Environmental Management System in house, and updated certification to the revised ISO 14001:2015.

Improve quality, shrink footprint
Working with integrated management systems not only saves a lot of time but also makes us more efficient, because quality and environmental improvements increasingly become part of the daily operations.

We constantly refine KPIs that help focus on the performance of our organisation, and we have mapped the main processes in a total process overview. This gives a comprehensive picture of the various operations and the way they overlap and interlink across departments.

For example, better quality maintenance not only improves our customers’ production but as a by-product can boost environmental performance. Poor maintenance and poorly maintained production equipment create scrap, rework and often waste energy. But a root cause of poor maintenance is often uncertainty about the availability of parts due to poor inventory control, which itself can lead to waste and write-offs. So, when MAG45 optimises and simplifies daily processes we are not just improving production: we are enhancing quality levels and reducing environmental footprint.

Demonstrating our commitment
Although we have manufacturer DNA, our quality and environmental management approaches nowadays differ in detail from those of our stakeholders. Nonetheless, we work hard to understand and learn from the goals and challenges that they face, and in return I hope they can sometimes learn from what we do. Internally, we are implementing 5S in our warehouse and continuously improving compliant handling. Also, we have reduced our environmental footprint by eliminating the paper trail of orders in Vendor Managed Inventory and by digitising invoices. We have reduced transportation needs by partnering with local suppliers, and by moving existing stock between the customer’s sites to meet demand rather than reordering each time from the supplier, which would often create a longer journey. As a member of the Danish Solar group, we strive to act in an ethically sustainable and socially responsible way in all our business activities. Solar and MAG45 are committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human and labour rights, environmental and anti-corruption.

From best to better-than-best
Our aim is to be the reference in Integrated Supply. For me, that means being the reference in my area of expertise, that of QHSE and compliance. We want the same for our stakeholders and we believe the best way to achieve this is to learn from each other and work together. By cooperating, we can improve quality and the environmental footprint. That’s why MAG45 values all of our stakeholders and the feedback they provide.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any quality or environmental topic: +31 (0)40 263 8000 or info@MAG45.com.

Nikki Willemse is QSEH manager at MAG45

Nikki Willemse

Nikki Willemse is QHSE & Compliance Manager at MAG45 since May 2017.