Storeroom management

Employees typically face several challenges when using storerooms - that is, without best-in-class storeroom management. For example:

- Parts are stored too far from the point of use resulting in unneeded walking times.
- Poor usage and stock level registration leads to unnecessary searching time and stock outs.

Grey inventories in the stores or on/near the factory floor lead to a lack of insight in available stock.In some cases these challenges even lead to unneeded production and machine downtime.

MAG45 offers best-in-class storeroom management based on the highest 5S standards and latest technologies (e.g. RFID storeroom or mobile apps). Our solutions lead to best in class stock control, improved item availability, higher service levels, and production uptime.

We proactively seek collaboration with the end-users to constantly review and improve our storeroom services, such as involvement in engineering team meetings, workflow management and goods distribution to end-users.